Ep. 122 - Planning a Drought-Resistant Garden: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
Just Grow Something | A Gardening PodcastNovember 15, 2022x
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Ep. 122 - Planning a Drought-Resistant Garden: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

This week we’re talking about how to use less water in the garden. We are still in drought conditions here in west central Missouri, it was a hard gardening year for sure, but I also know when I lived in northern California that water conservation was always a topic of discussion and that was 30 years ago. Many of you live in areas where water is just naturally scarce, and restrictions are always in place. So how do we, as gardeners, balance a need to grow our own food and in some instances food for others with the need to use less of a very precious resource. We’ll talk about tips, tricks, and techniques to keep your garden growing with less water input from the gardener.

On that same note, the question of the week involves choosing drought-tolerant varieties of plants and whether or not that benefit has any drawbacks, specifically how well the plant is then able to tolerate very wet conditions. So, if your garden is full of drought-tolerant plants and you’re suddenly inundated with several days of rain are you sunk?

And in the DRL, it’s serious freeze protection, the Moth, and a flashback to the 80s.

Let’s dig in!


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