About The Show

The Just Grow Something podcast is all about helping you become a better gardener. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or have never grown a thing in your life, this show aims to give you the knowledge you need to get the biggest and best harvest you can. Guidance for specific plants, insects, weeds, soil health, amendments and more are all discussed here. Along the way, we talk about the food and agriculture issues that affect all of us and dig into topics that many gardeners and eaters may not be aware of.

Your Host

KarinHey, I’m Karin! I started gardening in a small corner of my suburban backyard, then moved to a 5-acre lot outside city limits and expanded the garden to half an acre. What started as a way to provide for my family turned into a love for digging in the dirt and providing for others. So together with my husband, Arcenio, I spent 13 years researching and learning and building our small farm through lots of trial and error, successes, and failures. Eventually, I went back to school to get my degree in horticulture to help our farm business, but I wasn't content to just use that knowledge for us. Along the way I discovered that there is power in food! So now I want to pass all the knowledge I've gained through my education and my gardening and farming experiences on to you. I firmly believe that self-reliance is empowering and that everyone, whether you've got a five-acre plot in the country, a half-acre lot in suburbia or a windowless room in a downtown apartment should just grow something.