Ep. 76 - Managing Soil pH in Your Garden

Ep. 76 - Managing Soil pH in Your Garden

I talk all the time about the importance of soil testing and usually we’re chatting about the nutrient deficiencies that can be discovered and amended through those test results. But what we don’t talk about as frequently is one other result you get from a soil test and that’s your soil’s pH. Most garden vegetables do best in a soil pH that’s slightly acidic, generally between 5.8 and 7.0, with a few notable exceptions. But what does that mean? What is soil pH? How does it affect plant growth? And what can we do if our soil is too acidic or too alkaline to grow the garden plants we want to grow?

This episode we’ll dig into the basics of soil pH, how to prevent your soil from becoming excessively acidic or alkaline, and what we can do to safely adjust our soil pH, when needed. Let’s dig in!

Affects of pH on Nutrient Availability

Soil Acidification

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