Ep. 118 - Cover Crops in the Home Garden

Ep. 118 - Cover Crops in the Home Garden

This episode we’re digging into how to use cover crops in our home gardens. I kept saying I needed to do a full episode on this and we’re doing it today. This is not reserved for just big farms with thousands of acres of land. Using a cover crop in the home garden is beneficial in all kinds of ways and can be tailored to what you need: improving soil structure, preventing erosion, as a living mulch, to add nutrients back into your soil, or all of the above. This is effective for both in-ground beds and raised planters. What you plant and when you plant it, and what you do with it when it’s done all depends on what you want to get out of it, so we’ll cover all the options and techniques for planting and terminating those crops and which crops work best for our individual garden needs.

And the question of the week is a two-parter! It’s about pruning nectarine trees and when to apply copper sprays or dormant oils. And how do you tell if a tree is dormant versus maybe, just dying? Let’s dig in!

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