Ep. 48 - We Got the Beet!

Ep. 48 - We Got the Beet!

It is super-hot again here today and I can’t help but continue to look forward to my fall gardens. Another great fall crop is beets and you can bet we’ve got a ton of them planted already with plans for another succession planting this coming week. So, let’s dig in to how to grow beets!

Beets are grown for both its root and its tops. In the U.S. and Canada, we simply refer to the root as a beet.  But elsewhere the root is usually referred to as beetroot, table beet, or dinner beet and the tops are just referred to as beet greens. Beets, both the root and the greens, have been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years to treat a variety of maladies.

Beets like similar soil conditions to carrots, so nice light or loamy soil with lots of organic matter. Check out this episode to get more info on how to grow a successful beet crop.

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