Ep. 121 - Transitioning from Military to Farming, with Arcenio Velez
Just Grow Something | A Gardening PodcastNovember 11, 2022x
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Ep. 121 - Transitioning from Military to Farming, with Arcenio Velez

There’s something to be said for military life. It’s regimented. There’s a strict hierarchy, there’s a chain of command, there are orders to follow, and you know day in and day out what your duties are. And if you’re someone who fits well into that sort of lifestyle and the mindset that’s necessary to take on the demands of being in that lifestyle, it can often be very, very difficult to transition back to civilian life where those things don’t always hold true.

There are a lot of military servicemembers who have seen and done things that make it almost impossible to functional in regular society. Working in agriculture in some way, whether it’s with crops or livestock or machinery or whatever, can help with the transition. It’s been proven.

In today’s interview we talk a little bit about why the unexpected parts of farming, that just don’t seem to meet the definition of a regimented lifestyle, actually fall right in line with what a veteran may be comfortable with.

Let’s dig in!



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