Ep. 110 - Preserving Basics, Part Two: Water-Bath Canning

Ep. 110 - Preserving Basics, Part Two: Water-Bath Canning

Last week we talked about the basics of freezing your garden harvest or your extra haul from the farmer’s market and that’s definitely an easy way to get started. But, if you’re really serious about preserving your food and hedging your bets against power outages or you just enjoy the texture of canned foods over frozen, the entry-level process for canning is the boiling water bath. This type of canning only requires a few special pieces of equipment that are readily available and relatively inexpensive. The process of water-bath canning is pretty straightforward, but food safety is always important so we’ll talk about what equipment you need and what are nice-to-have, the process of canning, what is safe to can in boiling water and what needs pressure canning, and lots of resources to help you find safe, tested recipes to get you started on your canning journey. Let’s dig in.

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