Ep. 139 - Foliar Feeding: Increasing Plant Nutrition Through Their Leaves

Ep. 139 - Foliar Feeding: Increasing Plant Nutrition Through Their Leaves

Foliar feeding has been the subject of a little bit of debate over the years, both in the horticultural space and as far as online gardening information goes. The practice of foliar feeding or foliar fertilization essentially involves applying water-based nutrients to the leaves of our plants to enhance their nutrition. In the home garden this can be done with a spray bottle or a pump sprayer or by using an attachment at the end of our hose that feeds the liquid into the water as it passes through.

While 90% of the nutrients for our vegetable crops as soil applications based on soil tests and the specific crop’s nutrient needs, foliar fertilization is meant to help maintain or enhance or correct a plants nutritional profile during the growing season.

On today’s episode we dig into what foliar feeding is, how to use it, the benefits and drawbacks, what stages of growth are most benefited by it and why I choose to use it in rotation with my other approaches to plant nutrition and soil health. And, yes, there is a soil component here. There always is. Let’s dig in!

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